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Tomboy Style x Tradlands Popover Shirts

Lizzie Garrett Mettler featured Tradlands on her beautifully curated blog, Tomboy Style, back in March of 2013, just weeks after our website launched. Through an interview with her we realized we have a lot in common. She mentioned that she has been wanting a great high-quality oxford popover - something she has been unable to find for years - and we decided to make one together.

What makes this collaboration so great? We both appreciate and understand the tomboy ethos. It’s a mutual genuineness that made it easy to work together. Also, we both value clothing that is classic and well-crafted. Our shirts fit the style and quality the Tomboy Style reader looks for.

In Lizzie’s words: “There are so many brands out there that are chasing trends and trying to portray an authenticity that just isn’t there, Tradlands is one of the few labels where in an instant you know that they believe in their product. Part of that is because they’re small, but part of that is because they are incredibly thoughtful. Every aspect of their design is considered, from the fabrics to the buttons.” (from a Style.com feature.)

Read Lizzie’s post on the collaboration here.
Check out our Style.com feature here

Shop popovers here

Your order will ship to you in via FREE USPS Priority 2-3 Day within the United States. We also offer discounted International rates. 
On a personal note, it has been a dream to work with someone we’ve admired and respected for so long. We are grateful to create something special with Lizzie. As always, thanks to each of you for your continuous support. 

All our best, 
Sadie + Jeremy 

Nancy “Slim” Keith

"Her look was sexy and outdoorsy, chic and athletic, which is what made her unique in a Hollywood era in which snoods, pompadours and frills were the norm. As a result she was dubbed the first “California Girl.” Slim believed in having what she called a “house uniform” by day. She favored khakis, tailored shirts, trousers and jackets, soft moccasin-like loafers and thick angora socks she knitted herself.”
- Annette Tapert on Slim Keith in A Salute to Women in Uniform

"God blessed me with a happy spirit and many other gifts. What I was not blessed with I went out and got. Sometimes the price was too high, but I’ve never been much of a bargain hunter." - Slim Keith

(Thanks to my mom for sending this along … and for always having the best finds.)

Monday Mantra

"Being kind isn’t always easy. Or convenient. But it has the potential
to change everything.” - Cap Watkins

(What’s your Monday Mantra? Submit your quote to info@tradlands.com.)

How She Wore It: Jax and Jewels





Thank you to Heidi at Jax and Jewels for stylin’ up our Bernal Heights button-down with grey jeans and persimmon colored shoes. Read her full post here.

Behind the Brand: Rachel Freer-Waters

Next up in our Behind the Brand series is our friend, Rachel Freer-Waters. She is an artist, conservationist, and adventurer who resides in Flagstaff, Arizona. We’ve been buddies since we worked at Nordstrom together in 2001 where we would make up fake departments to oversee (ie. blanket department, sweaters only department). She is one of the most clever and funny ladies I am lucky enough to know. My memories of our friendship are full of adventure; going to White Stripes concerts, trying on fake names at parties, and accidentally attending a nudist movie theater.

Aside from being a subtle comic, Rachel is a true conservationist and has worked with museums all over the United States doing conservation work. She was the first person I knew to carry a reusable water bottle and canvas shopping bag. Every time I talk to her she is off on a hike or archeological dig or conservationist job. She is enthusiastic upcycler, finding ways to reuse and recycle materials into beautiful handmade goods.

Rachel has always been a big supporter of our Tradlands journey. You’ll see below that she is wearing a few pieces from our Fall 2013 line and she was one of our first orders when our website launched. I’ve been grateful to have her support since the start. Get to know one of my favorite people by reading below.


(Rachel stylin’ a Hermes ensemble in her Tradlands EMB jacket.) 

What is your background?

I am a conservator, but I have a background in fine arts and archaeology and craft. I have worked with museums all over the United States doing conservation and installation, but the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ picked me up full time about 6 months ago. I have to commute from Flagstaff, though, where my husband and I bought a 1930’s house on a hillside. Conservation positions are not common, so it is important to be flexible and learn new things, which is why my background is so diverse. The more you know about materials, processes, and techniques, the better you will be at responding to the strange things that can come up working with museums. For example, we lived in El Paso, Texas for a couple years where I apprenticed at Rocketbuster Boots and learned about leather working and boot assembly. When we lived in remote northern California, I learned how to sew on industrial machines and make corsets.

Why did you start your website?

My professional website: so institutions and individuals can check out my experience. I also have an Etsy shop to sell some of the things I make on my industrial sewing machine. I have abandoned my blog since starting work full time.

Where can we find you online?

My professional website is freerwaterspreservation.com, and I post leather objects on etsy.com as Leathery, when I have time.


(Rachel working at the Women Who Rock exhibit in her Tradlands flannel.)

What’s your favorite blog to read online?

I was a regular reader of various blogs when I had a blog, but then I felt like I was either living through other people’s lives or being shown things that made me want more stuff. But, at that time, my life was very isolated. I like to stumble upon blogs that relate to what I am looking for or interested in learning about at the moment, rather than having one blog I follow, because there are so many talented people out there with great things to say.

What’s your favorite magazine that you recommend?



(Selvedge Magazine)

What is one thing every woman or man should own?

A sewing machine. Preferably human powered.

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever bought for under $50?

I wish I had something cooler to say, but I love my insulated Klean Kanteen. They never get gross.

What do you want for your birthday?

To stay in the suite at Arcosanti ($100/night), then do a really intense hike.

If you were to climb Mount Everest and be stranded at base camp for 2 months, what is one thing you could not live without/would have to bring with you?

My husband told me to say “My husband!”


(Rachel and her husband, Caleb, at Grand Canyon.)

What music is on your iPod right now?

Its not on my iPod, but I am really into the Arcade Fire score from the movie Her. I am also listening to Allo Darlin’.

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you serve us?

Probably black bean sweet potato enchiladas with raw avocado chocolate fudge (separately).

Who is your favorite fashion icon?

I love that Zooey Deschanel keeps up the classic vintage look.

Who is your favorite artist? 

Alex Katz landscape paintings and Turrell Skyspaces.


(From Turrell’s Skyspaces: Air Apparent, 2012)

What’s one movie everyone needs to watch?

Harold and Maude

You travel a lot. Where’s the greatest place you’ve ever been?

I’m no hippie, but Breitenbush Hot Springs in the snow is the best. It is so amazing to be sitting in a natural hot pool in the snow.

If you were told you could only drive one car for the rest of your life, but it could be any car you wanted, at no cost, what would it be?

I love my VW TDI Golf, but I really like the new TDI Beetles.

What products are you currently digging that are in your closet?

Calf-length skirts with pockets.


What is one book that everyone should read?

The Bridge of San Luis Red by Thornton Wilder

What kind of story are you looking to tell when someone visits your website?

I do things!

Describe the funniest moment you have had in your travels?

That time some lady friends and I went to see Nude on the Moon at the Alamo Draft house was pretty funny – the ad said “come nude and get in for free,” but we didn’t take that seriously. Needless to say, we were the only clothed people in there. Some naked guys came to sit with us with the intentions of making us uncomfortable, but I just ended up eating their French fries.


(Poster for Nude on the Moon.)

Where do you work out of?

I am working at the Musical Instrument Museum full time right now, but when I contract I work from home or a small studio in Flagstaff, AZ. My industrial sewing machine is at my friend’s house, so I go there to sew.

Who inspires you today?

The pro-choice protesters in Spain, pelting Cardinals with lace panties.

What places inspire you?

Any place old, anything made with real materials, particularly rocks. I am obsessed with dwellings incorporating large stones as walls.

In the places you’ve traveled, what’s the greatest wonder you’ve seen?

The Grand Canyon from the rim always blows my mind, and it is a mere two hours from me right now!


(Things for sale at Leathery.)

What’s the best travel experience you ever had?

Mexico City. So much fun.

What’s next?

Keep working full time for the Musical Instrument Museum until I can’t possibly make the commute any longer, at which point I will be taking on small jobs, traveling to install exhibits, sewing and making things, and will hopefully take in as many foster kids as my husband will allow.

Where are you traveling to next?

I hope to make it back to far West Texas to visit friends and the Chihuahuan Desert for New Years.

When someone sees your work, what impression do you want them to have?

I hope, when they see my conservation work, they think “how tedious.” My creative ventures, I try not to wonder what people think because it is not about that. It is about making things.

Where do you see your work in 5 years?

I hope to have a better portfolio of my craft work, and to continue to travel and assist museums all over!


(Rachel at work at the Musical Instrument Museum.)

Thank you to my wonderful friend, Rachel, for taking part in this interview and for getting me hooked on the Her soundtrack. Love you to the nude on the moon and back!

Tradlands In the News

Check out these features from the past week:

7x7 Magazine: Tradlands’ Menswear Inspired Shirts are Fit for Spring

"Tradlands is providing local ladies with the perfect basic: a menswear-inspired oxford shirt. The fit is casually tailored – not too sexy or too corporate, making the wardrobe staple a chameleon in just about any setting. The one-year-old SF-based company strives to be authentic, taking inspiration from nature, rather than trends or the usual muses."

N’East Style: Tradlands Spring 2014

"Loving Tradland’s new shirts for the Spring. Their shirting is seriously one of the best I’ve found for women. These images from the lookbook are fresh, approachable, and leaves you longing for summer days in Maine."

Racked: These Shirts Will Make You Crave an Adventure

"Like founder Sadie Roberts says to us, "These shirts are light enough to pack for a camping trip and polished enough to wear to the office, they can be a clever wardrobe piece." So buy many, wear often, and make time for frequent travels, both near and far, with your Tradlands in tow."

Triple Thread: Tradlands Volume Three

"I’m not sure where I first heard about made-in-the-USA shirt company Tradlands, to be honest. However, I do remember how quick my relationship with founders Sadie and Jeremy was fostered. It was as simple as an exchange of a few emails and I was lucky enough to style and review some samples they sent me. It is still to this day one of my favorite brands that I’ve worked with, so naturally I am always thrilled to see what they come up with next."

Thanks for all the love! See more of our press here.

Postcards from Stow Lake

Read our Stow Lake story here.

Our Stow Lake Story

Sometimes the most exciting adventures are found being a tourist in your own city. Take the 5 Fulton bus west towards Golden Gate Park, get off near Crossover Drive, and head towards Stow Lake. Since 1893, the lake has given San Franciscans a place to escape the city and enjoy natural vistas and hiking trails. Stow Lake is an opportune spot for a picnic or a paddleboat ride. Escape the sun under the bright red Chinese pagoda – a gift given to the park from San Francisco’s ‘sister city’ of Taipei. Some say the lake is haunted by the White Lady, leaving only the courageous to journey there after nightfall. She is said to appear after dusk when the statue in her honor comes to life.




The Stow Lake button-down is perfect for a picnic or hiking adventure. Our dobby shirt is deep blue adorned with woven white dots. What makes this button-down so special? It features thick, double-stitched pearlized buttons and a side gusset detail to reinforce the stitching. The inside is finished with classic French seams. Our classic button-down is gently tailored with a relaxed yet feminine fit. No darts or pleats for easy ironing and traveling. The collar stays in place and the sleeves can be easily rolled up for warmer days. Wear it with any color jeans or tucked into a skirt as the warm weather arrives. Never out of style, never out of season. A shirt that feels like it has been with you for years and will instantly become your favorite everyday shirt.

Your order will ship to you in mid-April via FREE USPS Priority 2-3 Day within the United States. We also have discounted rates for International orders.

Read the rest of our Stow Lake story here. What will your Stow Lake story be?

Monday Mantra

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” - John Muir

Illustration by Christine Mitchell Adams






I’ve never met Christine Mitchell Adams but it feels like we’d be fast friends. A girl after my own heart, we share an affinity with the North East, the style and goods found there. Her blog, N’East Style, celebrates new and classic brands that define her style - and a lot of my own. I also get lost on the occasional pinning spree on The Ditty Bag, a collection of Christine’s favorite photos, treasures that she finds in images. Her work and aesthetic has helped me to understand the kind of products I want to make - the kind that show up on a great blog like hers. Simply put: I love what she is up to. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to tell her over coffee one day.

A few months ago Christine launched a new website that shares her illustration portfolio. She has worked with incredible brands including Club Monaco, FLAUNT Magazine, Well Spent, Terrapin Stationers, Starwood Hotels, Buckshot Sonny’s, Edgevale, Fischer Clothing, and Topo Designs. I hope Tradlands will be added to that list sometime this year. Check out more of her beautiful - and witty! - portfolio here.

(Illustrations above are from Christine Mitchell Adams’ website.)

Vacationland: Menswear-Inspired Plaid




Introducing our Vacationland button-down, dedicated to our favorite getaway location in Maine. From the choppy coastline of the mid-coast to the secluded beauty of Northern Maine, it’s the place to wear your favorite button-down shirt day in and day out. We guarantee you will love the versatility of the Vacationland plaid. It is crafted of mid-weight cotton in a menswear-inspired palette but a perfectly feminine fit. It’s easy to wear or pack wherever your adventures may take you.

Our shirts are designed during our travels and sewn in downtown San Francisco, California.

Your Vacationland is here: http://tradlands.com/products/vacationland

(Our lookbook photos were taken by our friends at Horace & Mae Photography. Find them on Facebook here.)

Introducing Volume Three

Today marks the launch of our Volume Three line, inspired by our journeys from the golden coast of California to the Eastern seaboard. While developing our newest line we traveled across the United States, making stops in Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Badlands. We spotted hand-made cowboy hats sold road-side in Cody, Wyoming and hand-knit fisherman’s sweaters in coastal Maine stores. These places and people convey what we are all about: classic, authentic, and well-made style.

Using customer feedback and the finest materials we can can get our hands on we’ve continued to refine and improve our menswear staples for her. We have set out to make the best shirts for women with tailoring that is honoring and comfortable. Our line features the women’s button-up shirt. It is the wardrobe piece worn as often as jeans. Our button-ups are lightly fitted and easy to iron; made with prints that outlast fads and materials that are durable. Influenced by menswear and designed by a woman. More importantly, our shirts are fit for a woman.

Our website has been completely re-designed and updated with you, the customer, in mind. Each shirt is accompanied by a story detailing the origins of its name. Our product pages feature testimonies from other customers, our noteworthy guarantee, and a thorough size guide to help you select your perfect size. You can learn more about our journey and our vision. And our Spring lookbook helps you envision yourself in our button-downs - wherever your adventures may take you.

Your order will ship to you in mid-April via FREE USPS Priority 2-3 Day within the United States. We also have discounted rates for International orders.

If you have any questions or feedback email us at info@tradlands.com. Thank you for celebrating our new line with us. We are grateful to do what we love because of your unwavering support.

Shop Volume Three here: http://tradlands.com/collections/all

All our best,
Sadie + Jeremy


Volume Three. All new shirts. Available TOMORROW. 

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April 1st

We’re excited to share our new line with you tomorrow. Along with new shirts we have a re-designed site (thanks to this talented dude) to make your shopping experience better. Product pages have customer reviews, details on shipping and sizing, along with a story about each shirt. It has been a lot of hard work for us and the people who have helped along the way. 

To hear from us in the morning with an outline of what we are offering, sign-up for our email newsletter at the bottom of this page. 

(Photo above by Horace and Mae. Lots more from them on our new site too!)