Introducing Archival

Starting today we are honored to carry a limited number of products from one of our favorite brands, Archival Clothing. Our relationship started with a kind review from brand owner, Leslie, and has flourished since. As a young brand we look up to Archival Clothing because of their commitment to producing the highest quality products and their passion for American heritage-inspired designs. Archival Clothing stays true to their Pacific Northwest roots by manufacturing locally and sourcing only the best components for their goods.

Archival Clothing’s Cinnamon Day Pack is one helluva bag. Seriously. Pick it up by its thick canvas straps and you will understand the quality and care that goes into making such highly detailed and durable products. Constructed of thick 18 oz. dry cotton canvas duck it is the American-made alternative to flimsy overseas-made bags that fall apart at the seams. Reinforced canvas shoulder straps and sturdy YKK brass components will take you through years of tough terrain and fun weekend adventures. Inspired by timeless climbing packs from decades ago, this Archival Day Pack will be your new favorite everyday backpack.

A great carry all tote is like a best friend. She’s with you wherever you go and able to help carry everything when you need it most. Constructed of vintage dead stock Avondale Mills twill fabric, the Archival Market Tote is for those weekend days at the farmers market with a coffee in one hand and organic vegetables in the other. The market tote is everything you need for a day out. One of two front pockets will hold your keys and wallet and other delicate items you pick up through your day. It’s interior is fully finished and bar-tacked at all stress points. Made with indigo striped fabric and reinforced with double layers at the bottom, this tote may be lightweight but it is certainly made to last.

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Meet Your Favorite Shirt: Robie

Since we’ve received so many emails about the best-selling Robie button-up we wanted to remind everyone to pre-order this stunner. We have a limited quantity to pre-sell of this customer favorite.

We really love a good polka dot shirt for women. But the reason we made this shirt is because our customers voted on it. And with a resounding ‘YES!’ we decided to make it happen.

The Robie is our signature button-up fit in a feminine smokey topaz pigment-printed dot. Made with a premium fabric and top-quality construction the Robie is effortlessly elegant. On a crisp Fall morning, pair it with cords and flats for casual work attire. Meeting your girlfriends for happy hour? Tuck this polka dot shirt into relaxed black slacks and loafers for a polished and classic look. For an apple picking adventure or autumn hike add a felt fedora and all-weather boots for upgraded outdoor attire. The Robie is impeccable, sturdy, and an uncompromising piece for every woman’s closet.

  • 100% Mid-weight Cotton
  • Smoky Topaz Base with White Dots
  • Gently Tailored and Relaxed Fit
  • 8 Button Front = No More Boob Gap
  • Double Stitched Extra Thick Pearlized Buttons
  • Sewn in San Francisco, California
  • Ships Free via 2-3 Day USPS Priority
  • Machine Wash and Gets Better with Time

Orders placed today will be filled the 3rd week of November. By placing your order now you are guaranteed to receive this best-selling shirt.

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Tradlands at Mid-Atlantic Mercantile

"The autumn/winter issue of The Gentlewoman just showed up on this rainy day with serious Swedish babe Robyn on the cover. Sitting pretty on display next to Tradlands and those cute Reiko Yamamoto spoons.”

The Piedmont on display at Mid-Atlantic Mercantile. If you are in the Pittsburg area be sure to stop by!

“I learned about Tradlands through a posting on Racked SF and decided to give it a shot. I was looking for button downs that translate from work to weekend. I previously purchased button downs from Steven Alan at a similar price point. I’ve found yours to be superior. They’re thicker, softer, need no ironing and I can get away with wearing it a bunch before washing. I definitely plan on purchasing more.”

Review of the Week, courtesy of our wonderful customer, Erin. 

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Fall in Northampton


Some of our Fall lineup at Port Northampton, a store we are so happy to be a part of. If you are in the Northampton area be sure to stop by. 

Behind the Brand: Anbu at Orange Harp

A little over a year ago we came into contact with Orange Harp, a company who’s mission is to bring together socially conscious brands and connect their stories to consumers via a beautifully designed iPhone app. Run by a great team of #girlbosses who convey passion and positive vibes in everything they do and write, Orange Harp is a movement we are happy to be a small part of.

We feel right at home next to awesome companies like Juniper Ridge, Ecco Bella, and Rikshaw Bagworks, to name a few. Great brands with equally great stories, Orange Harp curates products made of the highest quality materials, companies who care about their local communities, and are conscious of their global impact. Read below our interview with Anbu, the founders of Orange Harp


What is your background?

Born in India, I grew up with a profound interest in Math and Science. You can call me a nerd. Studied Computer Engineering in college, moved to the U.S, and built mobile products for tech companies like Lookout and Palm (webOS).

Why did you start Orange Harp?

For me, shopping is not just about the products. It is about the stories behind the label and the people involved in the entire lifecycle. As an engineer, I thought it would be fun to use technology to help people discover these amazing brands that go the extra mile to care for the planet and its people.

Where can we find you online?

You can find us at and on Twitter and Instagram at @orange_harp.

What’s your favorite blog to read online?

Humans of New York has the best pictures and stories that make you smile, laugh, cry.


What products do you wear from your store?

I love all of our products and wear most of our brands. If I have to answer what I wore this week, it would be Bali dress from David Peck, lingerie from Naja, and iPhone case from Sword and Plough. I just placed an order for The Northampton shirt from Tradlands. Can’t wait to wear it!

If you were to climb Mount Everest and be stranded at base camp for 2 months, what is one thing you could not live without?

Mine is an obvious answer. My iPhone - to take pictures, write down my inspiration and ideas, listen to music, play brain-training games on Lumosity, and (of course) shop on Orange Harp.

What music are you listening to right now?

Pink Martini - instantly teleports you to different time periods and countries.

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you serve us?

Spicy and healthy South Indian food.


Where’s the greatest place you’ve ever been?

Bergen, Norway. With its small town charm and easy access to breathtaking fjords, it easily became my most favorite place.

What is women’s fashion to you?

It accentuates her confidence to conquer the world.

What kind of story are you looking to tell when someone visits your store?

Authentic and inspiring stories of the people behind the brands we showcase on our app.

If there is one celebrity that identifies with your store, who would it be and why?

Emma Watson - she is brilliant, stylish, and speaks her mind.


What was missing in the marketplace before your store opened?

An online destination for unique, stylish products from socially-conscious fashion brands. We set out to be that destination.

Where do you see your store in 5 years?

We will be the destination where everyone finds something that resonates with their personality, learns about how their choices affect them and the world around them, and feels proud to shop with Orange Harp.

Thank you so much, Anbu! We are excited to be a part of Orange Harp. 

Brian Emerick compiled one second-long shots of his life in San Francisco over the last year. 

Meet Your Favorite Shirt: The Northampton



Introducing The Northampton. A collaboration between Tradlands and Lizzie Garrett Mettler, author of the iconic and influential blog and book Tomboy Style. Made from our tough oxford cloth, these are the highest quality, longest-wearing shirts you can buy. Cool, never fussy, and always comfortable, it’s the kind that will grow better and more loved over time.

In Lizzie’s words, “It’s just a perfectly classic shirt made from trusted classic materials. So, why remake a classic? Because frankly, it’s not that easy to find a well-made button-up shirt tailored for women and made from classic materials in 2014. And when I say well-made, I mean I don’t want it to disintegrate after it’s washed once or twice.”

A crisp white women’s oxford shirt gets a little extra oomph with mint stripes. Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest impact. With darting at the bust and a vent at the back, we’ve designed this popover to fit and flatter you. This shirt looks great untucked but will stay put if you tuck it in.

  • 100% Heavy Weight Cotton
  • White with Mint Striped Oxford Cloth
  • Gently Darted at the Bust
  • Overall Relaxed Fit
  • Double Stitched Extra Thick Pearlized Buttons
  • Sewn in San Francisco, California
  • Ships Free via USPS Priority
  • Machine Wash and Gets Better with Time

Up your oxford game and step into this crisp women’s oxford popover today. The prep in you won’t regret it.

“I’m a repeat Tradlands customer. As a 5’-1” lady I have a really hard time finding button-downs that fit. You make a great x-small for petite women who don’t want to look frumpy. The shirts also hold up fabulously over time; as a woodworker and bicycle commuter I’m notoriously abusive to my clothing. Your shirts age a lot better than many similarly-priced heritage brands.”

Review of the Week, courtesy of our awesome customer, Whitney. 

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Meet Your Favorite Shirt: The Cambridge



Introducing The Cambridge. A collaboration between Tradlands and Lizzie Garrett Mettler, author of the iconic and influential blog and book Tomboy Style.

Last season we debuted part one of our collaboration with Lizzie Garrett Mettler of Tomboy Style. Part two is available now, offering two new color ways in our best-selling popover. In fact, customers rave about the “impeccable quality” and tell us that these shirts get better with each wear. There are few pieces that grow better with age than an oxford shirt. That’s a good excuse to get this one in every color.

The Cambridge is never overdressed or underdressed. There is something both modern and old-school about this every day staple. We all know a great women’s oxford shirt goes with everything. From leggings to a-lines, gold hoops to pearls, pumps to penny loafers - it’s a basic you can always count on.

  • 100% Heavy Weight Cotton
  • Classic Blue Oxford Cloth
  • Gently Darted at the Bust
  • Overall Relaxed Fit
  • Double Stitched Extra Thick Pearlized Buttons
  • Sewn in San Francisco, California
  • Ships Free via USPS Priority
  • Machine Wash and Gets Better with Time

Step up your oxford game and meet your new favorite popover today.

Swapmeet: Arapahoe Flannel



Lizzie at Tomboy Style had a great post on Friday sharing some photos from National Geographic’s tumblr page called Found. This photo caught my eye and reminded me of our Arapahoe flannel. Get this updated ’60s look:

Tradlands ‘Arapahoe’ button-up shirt, sewn by Union workers in Fall River, found here.

Heathermarie Heaton ‘Mox Travel Boots’, hand-crafted in Mexico City, found here.

General Store ‘Bonnie Bracelet’, forged by the seaside on Cape Cod, found here.

Rodin Natural Lip Balm found here.

Rilleau Leather Knotted Belt, cut and made by hand, found here.

Imogene + Willie ‘Imogene Indigo’ Jeans, sewn in Nashville, found here.

Wigwam Knit Cotton Socks, made in Wisconsin, found here

"A step away from the woods."


"When I was living with my parents, in an old farm house surrounded by fields, I used to enjoy taking self-portraits and this shirt gave me the inspiration to try it again (and with a photo from my parent’s house in the background). So thanks for the inspiration!

I found it so unbelievably comfortable and soft while still being substantial. I feel ready for Autumn and Winter in it and just a step away from the woods.”

A review from our wonderful customer, Eva. She is wearing her Arapahoe flannel and we love #howsheworeit. Find yours here

See Eva’s photos on Flickr here and follow her on Instagram here

The Weekend Package

Today is the last day to purchase The Weekend Package. The deal is you get three button-up shirts for $395. Yes, this includes our Tomboy Style popovers too. During checkout let us know the three shirt styles and sizes you would like in the “order notes” section. We are accepting backorders on the Ashburn, Robie, Waverly, Arapahoe, and Brunswick. They will be guaranteed for you and will ship to your door for FREE in 8 weeks.

Ordering closes tonight, Tuesday at 11:59pm PST. Shop here

Thank you for making our Fall launch a success. Your support goes towards making more of the shirts you love. We appreciate you!

Best Ever

"It’s been so great to watch the American women’s shirting company Tradlands grow and evolve over the past year and a half since their launch. From start-up to a now fully-fledged brand, they’ve just today released their fourth collection, and it’s no doubt their best ever.

Made in the U.S.A. by thoughtful human beings and intended to stay in your wardrobe for decades, I can’t imagine a better shirt …”

- Lizzie Garrett Mettler, Tomboy Style

See the full post here.

His. For her.

Tired of buying oversized men’s shirts? Or sloppy women’s button-ups in a “boyfriend” or “boy fit”? Tradlands shirts are designed to fit and flatter you. It’s our guarantee.

His. For her. Shop our button-ups here